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We help you focus on STRATEGY and ACTION by offering:

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Our CLIENTS are from large and small companies and nonprofits and include:

  • Boards of Directors
  • Merger/Consolidation Studies
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  • Market Research
  • Board of Directors Development
  • Executive & Staff Coaching

"Judy Whalen is a consummate professional, knows organizational idiosyncrasies, and relates well with high level Board members as well as with frontline staff. I was immediately struck by how adept Judy was at setting a frame for planning, all the while keeping a very positive and thoughtful approach with partners involved."

Maureen Kartheiser

One of Our Clients

Client: Elevate, Inc.

Merger Feasibility Study, Merger Implementation & Staff Integration

One of our recent projects was a Merger Feasibility Study followed by a Merger Implementation and Staff Integration Project for two nonprofit agencies. We facilitated the strategic thinking sessions with the two Boards of Directors, advised the Executive Director on process design, prepared materials for presentation to the Boards, collaborated with legal and financial counsel, and designed information sessions for the employees. The outcome was the merger of the two nonprofits into the new entity - Elevate, Inc. After the merger we continued to advise the Executive Director and design a staff integration plan that incorporated the Xyting Insight cognofile assessment and a series of staff development sessions to help the staff become a high performing team.

Each day I intend to find a quiet moment to send you a handwritten note to thank you, really thank you, for the impact you’ve had on ABCD and me. Our office is full of productive people. I am confident this would not have happened without your specific support and guidance. I am grateful for your work with us and so grateful you listened to your inner voice and made consulting your career. Please know what a pivotal part you have played in all that we accomplished.”

  • Ginny Finn, Former Executive Director, ABCD: After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Currently: Chief Development, MATC Foundation

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