Our Clients’ Comments

Helping our clients improve their business, nonprofit, or organization and their lives is the primary reason the Center for Strategic Change is in business. Our goal is to not only guide clients so they can make quantum leaps towards their goals but also to make their interaction with us effective, easy, and fun. Here are some comments from a few of the Center for Strategic Change’s satisfied clients.

"As the former Executive Director for a $55MM organization with a difficult team dynamic that we were struggling to resolve, we hired Judy Whalen. By implementing the Xyte program, we learned about our communication and personality differences and were able to decrease tensions occurring from misunderstandings. With communications on the right track, our strategic planning process became more efficient.

Judy walked us through procedures and conversations, smoothing out the process of creating a positive future for the foundation. Judy was also hired as my executive coach. Through one-on-one sessions, she identified and refined my leadership skills. Most importantly, I am now more aware of my personal style and can work confidently within my natural leanings…no longer struggling to be someone else. Five years later, I still hear her teachings about embracing who I am, being aware of my capacity and proud of my accomplishments. I am certain I would not be the leader I am without her help."

- Ann Heiden, Executive Director, Edgerton Hospital Capital Foundation

"I had been wanting to create a formalized speaking offering for my marketing firm Tingalls Graphic Design for years but the idea was overwhelming to me and I had no idea where to start. I attended Judy's workshop and her simple three-step process helped break down the larger goal into smaller, "bite-sized" tasks I was able to complete over just a few weeks. As a result, I have six confirmed paid speaking engagements in 2023 and I couldn't be more thrilled!"

- Tara Ingalls, Owner, Tingals Graphic Design

“Judy is truly a pleasure to work with. She brings a wealth of experience in working with top decision- makers in a variety of organizations. She uses that experience as background yet realizes that every situation and company is unique. She ensures that all voices are heard and she never gets flustered. And although she is extremely organized and professional, she is also charming and fun to work with. I can’t recommend anyone more highly.”

Theresa Reagan, former Executive Director, Stillwaters Cancer Support Services

Project: Strategic Planning, Facilitation of Strategic Thinking Sessions,

“The full scope of services provided during a merger of two very distinct and strong organizations was so well done that no one on either board resigned in the process; rather, all felt engaged and committed to developing the new future of and for the organization.”

Angela Rester, former Executive Director, Children’s Health Education Center,

Project: Merger Implementation and Culture Integration

“The Center for Strategic Change is cutting-edge. They simplified a complicated grant process and quickly brought a new level of automation to our organization. All of the goals for the project were exceeded -perfect follow through.”

Colleen Ruddy, retired President, Valley Industrial Association, Aurora, IL,

Project: Project Management Services

“Judy is very thorough. She presents a clear outline, meets all the deadlines, and does all of this with superb quality. With the Center for Strategic Change, all the deliverables are there – they exceeded all of my expectations.”

Cindy Huber, former Executive Director, National Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin,

Milwaukee, WI, Project: Strategic Planning

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