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The Entrepreneurial Mindset: Kim Olver interviews Judy Whalen about the characteristics of the Entrepreneurial Mindset.



Nurture your positive mindset in 5 minutes or less a day so that you can live a fulfilling life. Promote success in work, relationships, and in your health, increase your lifespan and so much more!!

Guide to Strategic Planning


Strategic planning can help you develop the clarity to stay focused and take action. Are you ready to create your game plan so you can create a sustainable business? Then start with this guide and discover street wise tips to make strategic planning work for your business.

The Big List of Core Values


Use this list to clarify and articulate your personal and business core values, think and brainstorm about your values and describe how each value shows up in your life. Discover what having your core values in place can do for you and your business.

3 Tips to Conquer Overwhelm

and Prevent Burnout


Do you feel like each day brings a barrage of tasks that all need to be done right now? Do you feel like your life and business are spiraling out of control? There is hope! These are the 3 keys to help manage your life and business in peace.

Online Programs/Courses:

Accelerate Your Business Growth

This easy-to-follow online program is designed specifically for solopreneurs, business owners (brick and mortar, online, offline), independent contractors, or anyone considering starting a business.

The program guides you through the process to create the strategic plan for your business.

The program includes:

  • Short videos with Judy Whalen guiding you through each step
  • A workbook with worksheets, tip sheets, thinksheets to stimulate your strategic thinking about your busines
  • Additional resources for use before and after the course
  • Lifetime access and free updates to the program as long as the program is available.

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