Strategic planning is a vital tool for businesses and nonprofit organizations. It is appropriate for organizations of all sizes, ownership structures, and industries. The strategic planning process helps organizations (and their subsidiaries and departments) to:

  • Face challenges and address changing trend
  • Develop a clear picture of what it is striving to achieve and what it envisions for its future
  • Create the business plan to present to potential investors

Strategic planning can be a simple, yet custom-designed process to help your business:

  • Be more innovative
  • Manage change
  • Be more productive
  • Produce more results

The Center for Strategic Change will custom-design the process to meet your specific needs and maximize your resources - both human resources and financial. A “one-size fits all” process does not work. We spend significant time upfront working with you to determine what you want to achieve, what resources are available and how committed you are to follow through. We incorporate your staff and resources as much as you desire. We are open to having your staff conduct certain activities if they have the capacity – time and expertise - to do so. Experts from the Center for Strategic Change will facilitate the process, design and implement the market research and work with you to support your implementation activities. Enter your text here...

Contact Us for More Information

We can work with you and your team onsite or remotely using technology to connect us. There are a variety of ways to format the strategic planning process. We will design it to your unique needs and constraints. Contact us for more information.

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